Our Story

From Genetics to Berries: 

Our breeding program emerged from a long-established family-owned business of berries that has been an active member of the fruit production market since 1975. 

Mattivi Group is a specialized independent breeding company that focuses on breeding the best plants that grow the best berries.  

In our selection sites, various varieties of strawberries and raspberries emerged.

Our strengths in the berry industry:

  • Our company has experience in the whole supply chain:
    • genetics, nursery, production and sale of berries to retailers.
  • Mattivi, grower of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries is also founder member of a leading Italian group of producers consisting of more than 20 growers.
mappaMattivi G570

Where we’re located:

Mattivi Group is researching and developing new varieties of berries in different climate conditions to find the best varieties suited for each growing area.
Emerged in the North of Italy, we benefit from various breeding sites: 

  • Baselga di Pinè, where summer weather is similar to North European areas;
  • Verona, where summers are really sultry and winters are similar to Central Europe;
  • a third breeding plot will be added soon in a low-no chill environment. 
Furthermore, we cooperate with selected international partners to trial our advanced selections and growing techniques in specific production areas. 

Our goals:

Our goal is to develop new varieties of berries that meet the needs of each link in the supply chain.

We reach our goals by:

  • using traditional breeding techniques;
  • sowing thousands of seeds every year;
  • collecting and processing hundred of thousands of data in our system every season;
  • running panel tests within our group and within independent consumers;
  • And much more…

How we test our new varieties: 


Our roots are in the fruit production industry, where Mattivi, as a grower, is involved in the commercial growing of the newest advanced selections.

Promising varieties are also tested through retailers to validate them before releasing them abroad. We test them through our selected and trusted local and international partners.

The multiplication process:

The multiplication of our plants starts with clean and healthy vegetal material preserved and multiplied in:

  • vivo in insect proof screen-houses;
  • vitro in our state of the art Tissue Culture Laboratory.

Mattivi cooperates internationally with the best nurseries to ensure high quality plant vegetal material and fulfill the growing demand of our varieties.